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Designed for urban riders

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Prix normal 269,95 €

139,90 €

A fast design for fast riders. This helmet combines thin striping with sharp and modern styling for an ageless look. The colors black and white are leading and the Airoh logo can be fond on all sides of the helmet.


Airoh T600– A True Performer

The Airoh T600 was love at first sight. Airoh is one of the manufacturers that keeps their target market in mind. They keep their product well within the budget of urban riders, without compromising on the ride quality and safety it offers. Designed for urban riders, the T600 is a lightweight helmet that outweighs the competition in terms of performance, style, and safety.

Airoh T600 – Not Your Standard helmet

With the T600 range, Airoh showed the world how special a standard urban helmet could be. It feels like the manufacturers invested a decent amount of time in designing a full face helmet that is as stylish as a higher end sport bikers’ helmet. The stylish outer shell is made out of a carbon and Kevlar composite fiber that contributes in keeping the helmet lightweight as well as sturdy. Speaking about its weight, weighing in at around 1350 grams the T600 is unlikely to put a strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. The standard visor is scratch resistant and is Pinlock ready. Fogging issues are further prevented through a highly functional and effective ventilation system that includes three front vents, a chin guard vent, and two rear outlets. The interior is fitted with a hygienically treated comfort liner. The liner can be removed and washed, making dirty padding a thing of the past. Two shell sizes are available in order to ensure the best possible fit. Best quality is ensured by Airoh through wind-tunnel testing. This ensures safety as well as other features such as stability, and noise cancellation. To top this great mix of features off, Airoh included a Double-D ring as the retention system of choice in the design of its T600 helmet. Like other ranges from Airoh, Airoh the T600 is also available in a broad variety of colors and prints including our favorite the Dovizioso Replica.

Special Features

  • Shell Material:Carbon/Kevlar Composite fiber
  • Ventilation System:Triple top vents, chin vent, and two rear extractors
  • Inside Padding: Removable and washable
  • Visor:Anti-scratch visor with lock system
  • Visor: mechanism:Quick Release Retention, Pinlock Ready
  • Retention System:Double D Ring
  • Color and Styling:Seven variations in differnt colors
  • Additional Functions:Comes with complete Accessories kit; Rubber base increases stability and comfort
  • Homologation:ECE 22.05
Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Airoh
Série de Casque T600
Type de Casque Intégral
Couleur Principale Blanc
Couleurs Secondaires Noir
Finition Brillante
Univers de Pratique Urbain/Street
Écran Solaire Non
Homologation ECE 22.05
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