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Prix normal 79,95 €

39,90 €

With an extra long cuff these Lookwell Speedy Gloves are made in the color matt black. Several paddings and extra grip pieces are integrated to make them safer and durable.


Lookwell Speedy: A glove for the speedsters

Whether you like to tear up the tarmac on public roads or on the track, you will need a glove that matches your style. It has to be able to protect you, yet make you look good as well. Lookwell has an impressive lineup of gloves, including this Speedy. It is a high-performance, no nonsense glove created for sportive riding. It offers maximum protection at low costs; Lookwell’s specialty. The Speedy is a glove that keeps is on the down-low. It is completely black, but has a few very pleasing aesthetic features that make it stand out. The glove is made from 0,8 to 0,9mm cow leather and has unique pre-formed ergonomics so it performs best when used for sportive riding. The knuckles have been fortified with polymer inserts that will disperse the force of impact when you crash. They have also been laminated with leather for a more aesthetically pleasing look. There is also some carbon present on the top of the fingers. For comfort purposes, Lookwell has added ventilation shafts on the top of the fingers for ventilation.

Special Features

  • Protection: Polymer knuckle inserts
  • Ventilation: Ventilation shafts on top of the fingers
  • Adjustability: Adjustable straps around the wrist and cuff
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Informations supplémentaires

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