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a sinister look


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Prix normal 399,00 €

299,00 €

This gray and black Roof Boxer V8 is for those who like to tear up the tarmac in style. Look like a bad-ass with this Roof Boxer V8 and look more intimidating then ever. Treat yourself to one, you deserve it.


Roof Boxer V8

Apart from its functionality and protective properties, its unique look makes the Roof Boxer V8 an urban favorite. With its tough fiberglass outer shell protecting you in case of an accident this helmet is homologated as being both a jet as well as a full-face helmet. So if you are looking for a high-quality, functional and good-looking modular helmet, the Roof-Boxer V8 is an option to consider. Along with its 180-degree rotatable chin bar, this Roof Boxer V8 introduces a set of vents that were missing in the previous versions. These make this helmet ideal for longer rides in warm weather or for rides during cold foggy weather. The air-flow through the helmet namely helps prevent fogging of your visor. Other than through air-flow, a fogged visor is made a thing of the past through the application of an anti-fogging coating on the scratch-resistant visor. The relatively thin interior padding is available in 4 sizes ensuring a perfect fit 100% of the time. Not only does the liner contribute to a perfect fit, it is also completely removable, washable and therefore surprisingly comfortable. Another surprise for riders who love longer rides at higher speed is the stability Roof Boxer V8 offers in both open-face and full-face configuration. This helmets sleek design is not there just for the looks, it actually contributes in keeping the helmet stable through eliminating wind buffeting. The retention system of choice in Roof’s Boxer V8 helmet is a quick release system which enables easy unbuckling. So, what was that one requirement you thought the V8 wouldn’t fulfill? We really can’t think of any!

Special Features

  • Shell Material:Composite fibreglass & resins
  • Inside Padding:Removable and washable inner lining, adjustable cheek padding
  • Ventilation System:Adjustable front air vent and Venturi top air vent
  • Retention System:Quick-release button
Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Roof
Séries de Casque Boxer V8
Couleur Principale Gris
Couleurs Secondaires Gris, Noir
Finition Brillante
Jugulaire à Boucle Double-D Non
Écran Solaire Non
Homologation ECE 22.05
Matériaux Coque Fibre de Verre
Size Chart


CM 54-55 56 57 58-59 60 61-62 63
Inch 21-21.6 22 22.4 22.8-23 23.6 24-24.4 24.8