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SHOEI: Premium Helmets


Prix normal 559,00 €

439,50 €

The Shoei Neotec is an amazing modular helmet with an internal sun visor.



As more and more people join in adventure and sport bike touring, it is a real challenge for SHOEI engineers to innovate and design more versatility in their line of modular helmets. Through this continual innovation the SHOEI Neotec was born. The SHOEI Neotec is the most progressive and innovative flip-up helmet being made anywhere today. With an improved aerodynamic shell, a far greater field of vision, less wind noise, the removable and washable liner system and an internal sun shield, the SHOEI Neotec is the standard for the next generation modular design helmet for the multifaceted rider of today.


What sets the Neotec apart from its predecessors at SHOEI? After all there is no radical design difference between the Neotec and the Multitech. No, there is no radical design difference but there are plenty of innovative and substantial differences. The progression forward from the Multitech to the Neotec, is a major leap in flip-up motorcycle helmets. How did they do it? By sticking with the basics of their previous designs and refining all the productivity and safety components. With a properly designed top and chin vent, SHOEI Neotec provides excellent ventilation and low noise level air flows. The SHOEI Company then looked at the sun visor with an eye to details and improvement. As first manufacturer Shoei approved the Neotec sunshield according the European EN 1836 standard for sunglasses. It has a special lever for easy handling with gloves. As soon as you pick up the Neotec helmet you can feel the difference from the Multitech and all the other versatile motorsport and adventure helmets. The overall quality is tangible in the solid, precision construction, the thickness of the padding and the plush lining. Now put the Neotec on and secure the visor. Unlike all the other flip-ups on the market, this one is secure and gives you the feeling of a full face helmet.

Special Features

  • Shell:Composite fiber
  • Visor: One of the best sun shields in any motorsport helmet
  • Ventilation:Top and chin vent
  • Padding:Removable and washable
Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Shoei
Séries de Casque Neotec
Couleur Principale Non
Couleurs Secondaires Non
Finition Non
Jugulaire à Boucle Double-D Non
Écran Solaire oui
Homologation ECE 22.05
Matériaux Coque Fibre de Verre
Size Chart


CM 51-52 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62 63-64
Inch 20-20.5 21-21.3 21.7-22 22.4-22.8 23.3-23.6 24-24.4 24.8-25.2