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SHOEI: Premium Helmets


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Prix normal 429,01 €

407,55 €

The Shoei NXR is a high quality and compact street / sport helmet.


SHOEI NXR - Built for Pure Performance

When Shoei announced that it was going to be replacing its popular XR-1100 line-up, a million jaws dropped in the motorbiking industry. Many deemed it impossible to replace such a legendary helmet. However when the Shoei NXR was revealed earlier in 2014, we understood Shoei’s move. Backed by Shoei’s experience and its innovation, the NXR is what we call a pure sports performance helmet designed for those who wish to take it up a notch. Judging by the number of features, it is quite clear that a lot of research and development went into this lineup.

For Comfort and Confidence

Shoei’s NXR offers everything a rider needs to stay safe on the street and track. Shoei started the innovation with the shape of this lid, which is much more aerodynamic than that of previous lineups. Thanks to the design innovation, the helmet is compact and sleek, a factor that makes it a perfect lid for those who consider style as important as safety and performance. The design also helps the rider cut through the drag at extremely high speeds. A highly functional rear spoiler does a great job at keeping the helmet stable. As for ventilation, Shoei’s NXR is one of the few helmets out there that does a fantastic job without inserting too many vents. To be exact, there are four inlets and six strategically positioned rear outlets that manage the air flow at extremely high speed. No matter how fast you are going, you are not going to feel extremely gushes of air in your face or eyes. Now for one last feature that most helmets overlook – noise cancelling capabilities. The NXR comes with larger than usual cheek and ear padding that act as built-in ear plugs. Therefore, it easily falls in the category of the quietest lids around. Finally, what we really love about Shoei’s NXR is the fact that it is available in a variety of colors and prints.

Special Features

  • Shell:Organic and multi-composite fiber AIM
  • Visor: "Auto-up" device for unlocking the visor, Pinlock ready (insert included)
  • Ventilation: Multiple venting and extraction
  • Padding:Antiallergic, 3D-Lining
  • Retention system: Double-D-Ring
  • Additional Feature: EPS-liner system with multiple densities
Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Shoei
Série de Casque NXR
Type de Casque Intégral
Ajustement du Casque Intermédiaire
Matériel du Casque Fibre de Verre / Mélange de Fibres
Jugulaire Boucle Double-D
Pinlock Pinlock Inclus
Couleur Principale Noir
Couleurs Secondaires Non
Finition Brillante
Univers de Pratique Sportif / Racing, Street
Replica Non
Écran Solaire Non
Homologation ECE 22.05
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Inch 20-20.5 21-21.3 21.7-22 22.4-22.8 23.3-23.6 24-24.4 24.8-25.2
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